his larger muscles and develop his gross motor skills. Your toddler will engage in play at various educational play stations and also, explore his creative side through art time in our creative corner. Your toddler will explore various art forms and activities that apply to his individual interests.

Pre-literacy is highly encouraged through books, music, and art.  Your toddler will listen to daily stories during group time and will explore books he likes. We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and activities that promote your child's cognitive development.

Early Milestones recognizes that toddlers are active learners, and we strive to provide your child with multiple opportunities throughout the day to develop socially, cognitively and emotionally. Our toddlers participate in a variety of play activities and are encouraged to explore their environment and follow their interests. A balance of structured and free play will help your toddler to acquire new skills, explore, build, and problem solve in a caring and nurturing environment.

Movement and music activities are incorporated into the daily routines to help your toddler engage

Toddler Care